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Working for Vancouver-Kensington

Mable Elmore has been serving as the Vancouver-Kensington MLA in the BC Legislature since 2009. She made history and added diversity to the legislature as the first MLA of Filipino heritage.

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Building community engagement and connecting people around issues that matter to them is important to Mable. She has worked hard on numerous progressive causes that matter to British Columbians. Mable has worked tirelessly on a wide range of migrant, immigrant, social justice and worker’s rights issues and is active in the peace movement.

Mable’s workers’ rights work stemmed from her role previous to public office when she worked in the transit industry, got involved in her union and led a number of successful campaigns as a transit advocate.

After witnessing the neglect that British Columbians have had under Christy Clark and the BC Liberals during her past 8 years at the legislature, Mable knows that it’s time for a change in government. Christy Clark is only looking out for the wealthy and well-connected and is leaving regular British Columbians behind.

Mable stands with John Horgan and the BC NDP to make BC a better place. Let’s elect a BC NDP government that will work for all British Columbians.

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